About the company


Since 1993 the Alea Plastics Machinery deals with the production, supply, and assembly of extruders for the production of polyolefin film sleeves (1-3 layers) as well as single and twin screw extruders for the production of special granules and regranules from many available plastics.


Sleeve extruders are designed for LDPE, HDPE films, as well as films from mixed raw materials with particular emphasis on mixtures based on recycled granules with a high content of LLDPE commonly found in Poland. Foil extruders in the APTRUDER 56-1000-2 version are built as “mono frame”, they take up very little space, are energy-efficient, quiet, and modern. We also offer film extruders with a classic design including a free-standing winder, tower and extruder. The classic construction applies to all multi-layer extruders (2-3 layers) and extruders with a width greater than 1150 mm and a screw diameter of 70 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm. PELD PEHD LLDPE MDPE


Single screw and twin screw counter-rotating recycling extruders are made only for feeding finished millings and agglomerates or powders. Granulation is carried out with the use of the thread or wet cutting method at the head, depending on the specifics of the process. The final construction, appearance, size and technical solutions are individually tailored to the client’s needs and recommendations. PELD PEHD PP PS PA PCV


Co-rotating twin screw extruders are mainly adapted for feeding powders and granules. Co-rotating twin screw extruders have a wide spectrum of applications such as the production of dye concentrates, the production of glass fiber granules, the production of granules filled with chalk, talc, titanium white, or soot. In some cases, they can also be used to recycle clean waste. The length of the screws 20-48 L/D, the amount of degassing, and the geometry of the screws are all determined individually to serve a specific type of processing and customer needs. PELD PEHD PP PS PA PET GF


The extruders are made of high quality Italian main components, all components possess CE/ISO European certificates and comply with European machine and electromagnetic standards. Extruders are covered by a full warranty. We provide free service in Poland. All devices possess the CE mark.