Extruders for the production of ldpe and hdpe films




production of LDPE or HDPE film in the form of a sleeve, half sleeve, tape



unique system of pumping air into the sleeve while the head is rotating


  • Aptruder 56-1000-2 series compact extruders on a common frame
  • rotary or stationary heads
  • mouthpieces: 120 mm to 220 mm LDPE, 80mm-160 mm
  • HDPE
  • one or two-arm winders
  • side and longitudinal cutting
  • bimetallic plasticizing systems
  • large surface candle screens
  • Siemens or ABB drives
  • Omron or Lenze control
  • efficient stainless heaters
  • 7″ touch panel
  • knurling shafts for HDPE
  • expansion rollers pcs. 4
  • banana rollers pcs. 2
  • 2.1 kVA ionizer


  • classic free-standing extruders with 56 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm screws
  • automatic and manual free-standing winders
  • two arm winders of the “back to back” or one-sided type
  • mechanical or electronic or strain gauge adjustment of foil tension
  • 1-3 layers ABC ABA
  • shaft width 1300-1800 mm


the final specification is always determined individually.